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MasterTrace product line provides superior control, monitoring, and design flexibility for your multi-circuit electrical heat tracing applications. MasterTrace is based on microprocessor platforms of 5 and 10-circuit control modules. Its modular design allows for builds of single or multiple control units in one electrical enclosure. Distribution panel boards can also be integrated and prewired to control inputs to simplify field installations. MasterTrace EHT control systems offer several interfacing options for local and remote programming and operation. With hundreds of standard features and unlimited customizable design options, MasterTrace can tackle any application.

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MasterTrace Resources:
MasterTrace MS-10ADXH0 Module Specifications
MasterTrace MS-10ADIN2 Module Specifications
MasterTrace Instruction Manual
MasterTrace Brochure
Modbus Communications Setup
Video: MasterTrace Set-up and Programming

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  • Multi-circuit heat trace control – monitor and operate five or more heat trace circuits (or combined runs) up to 30A each
  • Optional current rating from 50 to 100A per circuit available – for long line and power intensive applications
  • Status LEDs on the front of the unit – perfect for quick visual checks
  • Selection of enclosure types – choose the enclosure type that is required for your application environment
  • Local tactile keypad and LCD interface – ease in programming setpoints and monitoring of measured values
  • Additional remote interface options – Utmost flexibility in method and location of programming and monitoring
  • Modbus RTU (serial), TCP/IP (Ethernet), fibreoptic, BACnet communications – allows multiple ways to integrate the controller with anyone’s SCADA/PLC/DCS system and other heat trace controllers
  • Integration with Nextron’s proprietary software – monitor and edit all parameters from the control room without having to program your PLC or DCS
  • Integrated ground fault protection – No need for external and expensive GFI type breakers
  • Heater current monitoring – detect potential heating cable issues before they become critical
  • Dual RTD input – control your heat trace circuit with one or two RTDs for flexibility of options (probes not included)
  • Proportional control – for applications with narrow temperature tolerance MasterTrace offers ultimate flexibility with your choice of On/Off or Proportional Control strategies
  • Ambient sensing control – use one RTD input to control multiple circuits through programming
  • Power Limit feature – configure the maximum heater current to not exceed your specified value
  • Dry alarm contact – annunciate all alarm conditions remotely in a location suitable for the end-user
  • Comprehensive alarm package – set up and monitor up to twenty (20) configurable alarm and trip conditions
  • Measured values menu – monitor eight (8) real-time measured values
  • Statistics menu – collects and provides information on eleven (11) values from operational history
  • TraceCheck feature – pulse dormant heaters on programmable intervals to flag potential cable issues early and prevent costly down-time.
  • Class I, Div./Zone 2 approval – suitable for installation in hazardous environments

Product Matrix: Select elements from the left hand menu to review specific information on each Nextron product below:

          TraceMateTraceMate II-CTRMS-2101MS-2102MasterTrace
Control Points (circuits)12125 and 10 (see note 1)
Current Rating (amperage)TraceMateTraceMate II-CTRMS-2101MS-2102MasterTrace
Standard max current per circuit30 Amps30 Amps30 Amps30 Amps30 Amps
Optional max current per circuit---100 Amps100 Amps
Switching (number of poles)TraceMateTraceMate II-CTRMS-2101MS-2102MasterTrace
Single-pole switchingyesyesyesyesyes
Dual-pole switchingyesyesyesoptionalyes
Three-pole switchingnononooptionalyes
Heat Trace VoltageTraceMateTraceMate II-CTRMS-2101MS-2102MasterTrace
120-277Vacyesyesyesyes (see note 2)yes
Temperature InputsTraceMateTraceMate II-CTRMS-2101MS-2102MasterTrace
Single RTD per circuityesyesyesyesyes
Dual-RTD per circuitnooptionalyesoptionaloptional
Thermocouple per circuitnonononooptional (J, K, T)
RTD sampler (hard-wired)nonononooptional
RTD sampler (wireless)nonononooptional
Alarm OptionsTraceMateTraceMate II-CTRMS-2101MS-2102MasterTrace
Front panel visual alarm indicatorLEDLCDLCD & LEDLCD & LEDLCD & LED
Dry alarm contractyesyesyesyesyes
DC alarm contactnonoyesyesyes
Internal LED alarm type indicatoryesyesnonono
Communication OptionsTraceMateTraceMate II-CTRMS-2101MS-2102MasterTrace
Modbus RTU communicationsnonoyesyesyes
Modbus TCP communicationsnonooptionaloptionaloptional
BACNet communicationsnonooptionaloptionaloptional
Fibre-optic communicationsnonooptionaloptionaloptional
EnclosureTraceMateTraceMate II-CTRMS-2101MS-2102MasterTrace
Type-4 painted steelnoyesnonoyes
Type-4X painted steelyesnoyesyesno
Type-4X stainless steeloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Type-4X aluminumnonononooptional
Type-4X FRPnonononooptional
InterfaceTraceMateTraceMate II-CTRMS-2101MS-2102MasterTrace
Dip switch + jumperyesyesnonono
Liquid crystal displaynoyesyesyesyes
Vacuum fluorescent displaynonononooptional
Supervisory Windows softwareyesyesyesyesyes
EnvironmentTraceMateTraceMate II-CTRMS-2101MS-2102MasterTrace
Operating range-40C to +50C-40C to +50C-40C to +50C-40C to +50C-40C to +60C
Ordinary locationsyesyesyesyesyes
Class I, Division 2, Groups ABCDyesyesyesyesyes
Class I, Zone 2, Groups IICyesyesyesyesyes
Class II, Division 2, Groups FGnonoyesyesno
Class IIInonoyesyesno
ApprovalsTraceMateTraceMate II-CTRMS-2101MS-2102MasterTrace
yes yes (note 3)yesnono

Note 1: MasterTrace products are based on 5 and 10 circuit control module platforms multiples of which can be arranged in a single enclosure
Note 2: 208~240V dual pole MS-2102 model is a made-to-order item
Note 3: TraceMate II-CTR 208~240V unit does not carry FM approval

How the MasterTrace System Works

MasterTrace Multi-Circuit Controller

Scada System

Remote configuration and monitoring with Nextron MC100 supervisory software

Modbus Protocol

Allows easy interfacing with our MC100 software or anyone’s PLC or DCS. Ethernet, BACnet and Fiber Optic communication protocols are also available.

Alarm Light/Audible Alarm

Fully configurable and flexible alarm signal to meet the demands of customers’ individual design. – Alarm on, alarm off – Flash during alarm then on – Flash during alarm then off


Easy to read interface. 2×16 character alphanumeric display, field mounted or remote controlled. MR100 communicates with multiple controllers, up to 30 controllers or 300 circuits to a maximum of 4,000 feet without repeaters.

Panel Board

All power distribution designs are compatible with Nextron control and monitoring systems for electrical heat trace. Sealed breakers can be installed in IP 65 or Nema 4/4X cabinets for hazardous/classified installations. Alternatively, standard open frame main/branch breakers may be installed in IP 65 or Nema 4/4X cabinets with purge for hazardous/classified areas.

Control Module #1

The advanced features of MasterTrace allow it to handle single-phase to three-phase heat trace applications with switch ratings up to 100A@ 600VAC.

Control Module #2

Energy Management

Reduce your environmental impact without making significant investments. Unique to Nextron’s MasterTrace system, monitor energy and energy costs through the measured values of: Heater Utilization, Power Consumption (MWh), and Operating Costs ($0 to $1,000,000).

Control Module #3


Limits initial start up power, virtually eliminating nuisance breaker trips.

Control Module #4

Proportional Control or On/Off Control allows you the utmost flexibility in your EHT design.

Heat Trace Cable

Nextron’s controllers are compatible with every type of EHT available on the market today.

RTD Temperature Sensor

3 wire RTD, 22awg, PT100 ohm, IEC571, Class A. Temperature Rating -50C to 200C. Standard lead length – 7 feet.


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