Autonomous Heat Trace
Systems: 24/7 Maintenance


Nextron services customers around
the world in a variety of industries


Nextron is a global leader in
temperature monitoring and control

Nextron is a recognized leader in the design and

manufacture of superior, cost-effective temperature

instrumentation for monitoring and control

Nextron: Customer Focused

Customer Focused

The team at Nextron, A Division of Powell, focuses on delivering innovative, high quality products cost effectively. At Nextron we are committed to understanding the customer’s requirements and in meeting and exceeding their expectations and providing maximum value to our valued clients.

Nextron: Highly Qualified Employees

Highly Qualified Employees

The distinctive competence of Nextron, A Division of Powell is in a highly capable team specializing in the design of temperature control strategies for electrical heat tracing applications. The Company’s capabilities include design, and manufacture of electronic controls and related products used in the electrical heat tracing of industrial and commercial processes for a customer base of world-class corporations.

Nextron: Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Nextron, A Division of Powell, is an ISO 9001-2015 registered company and views quality and continuous improvement as a culture, not a program. All team members at Nextron assist in creating, instilling and fostering that culture printing of innovation and improvement.