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TraceMate II CTR
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TraceMate II CTR Brochure
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TraceMate II CTR Manual


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The TraceMate is a single-circuit electronic thermostat designed to meet all of your heat tracing needs in one convenient, compact and competitively priced package. It not only controls and monitors temperature - it also monitors current and ground leakage in the heating process.


The TraceMate II goes one step further - combining the popular features of the original TraceMate in a two-circuit electronic thermostat, with the added convenience of hand-held digital technology.

  • Ready-to-install in a rugged NEMA 4-rated enclosure with no field assembly required.
  • Built-in Ground Fault Protection (GFPD) eliminates the need for you to install a separate ground fault breaker.
  • The unit is self-contained and easy-to-configure and install.
  • A comprehensive alarm package and ground fault trip enhances safety and performance.
  • Why Tracemate? Comes complete with 100ohm, 3-wire RTD.

  • Minimizes wiring costs by allowing you to mount the unit in close proximity to the heat tracing cable and pipe.
  • Provides you with the highest level of performance and reliability.
  • Adapts easily to your system requirements for maximum flexibility.
  • Compatible with every type of electronic heat trace and tubing bundle on the market.


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