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As the industrial economy changes operators look for innovative manufacturers that can provide cost savings. In heat trace design cable and conduit for hard-wired RTD communications represent a large portion of project costs, even on small electrical heat tracing system designs. Wireless data transfer technology is becoming one of the largest areas of growth in industrial plant applications and Nextron Limited is the temperature control systems manufacturer that pairs technical innovation with savings.

Currently, heat trace controllers require temperature sensors to be hardwired back to the processing unit. Nextron now offers a CSA approved Class I Division 2, Zone 2 microprocessor based RTD sampler capable of transmitting and receiving data using the concept of direct sequence or frequency mode hopping wireless transmission.

Using a wireless system, temperature sensors are wired to RTD samplers located in the pipe racks and temperature information is transmitted to the controller via wireless modem, dramatically reducing field-wiring costs to the end user. These transmitters then send temperature information to a remotely located MasterTrace module.

Users of the MasterTrace Controllers look to Nextron for quality, reliability and product improvement. Nextron delivers.

Nextron Limited focuses on the specific needs of each of our clients. At Nextron, standard design is a guideline. Innovation to meet your requirements is the standard.

Contact our sales team to discuss the Nextron RTD Sampler.

For more detailed information, download the Operations Manual pdf.


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