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The MasterTrace system is available in 5 and 10-circuit modules that can be used alone, or assembled together, to suit the needs of your system. Designed with flexibility in mind, these products are available in various amps (30-100 A) and voltages (120-600 VAC). CSA certified for either general purpose Class I, Division 2/Zone 2 application.


The MasterTrace five-circuit unit is available as a single-phase controller (MS-5A) and a three-phase controller (MS-5AT ), for increased 'amp loading.' Units in the 5-circuit family have additional capabilities, including a Ground Fault (GF) test function. This feature allows you to set a GF-test period and receive notification of failure — allowing you to take crucial steps to avoid a costly GF-caused fire.


The MS-10A is designed to easily monitor and control 10 heat-trace circuits. As with the five-circuit units, the 10-circuit unit offers you the invaluable GF test function, increasing the safety of your system. To increase flexibility, this product is available as a DIN (mechanical relay), DXH (two-phase).

Contact Us to find out how our Nextron factory technicians can custom-design and build a system to your specifications in our CSA-approved shop using the 5 and 10-circuit modules described above.

For general information about MasterTrace, please visit Features and Advantages.

Click here for the MasterTrace Heat Tracing Control Product Manual.


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